Still Corners' dreamy new album Slow Air is officially out tomorrow on the group's own Wrecking Light Records, and today we're psyched to welcome the duo as they take over here on GvsB (you can stay up on all of their posts right here). First up, Tessa + Greg talk about one of our favorite places in the world:

The climate, location, and terrain all add up to an unusual and beautiful landscape, very different than anything we've seen before. Much of the rock is granite and most importantly limestone which as far as rocks go is very pretty. The hill country also has the second largest granite dome in the US - Enchanted Rock which is like a Texas version of Picnic at Hanging Rock, beautiful and mysterious.

The heat while making this album was immense. Our air conditioning just couldn't cut it and the air felt thick and weighty and we named the record after what it felt like to us - Slow Air. We loved it of course because coming from England everything was cold and rainy a lot of the time.

At night the heat slowly edges off and you sit outside listening to the cicadas drinking ice cold beer, it's an incredible celebration of life to feel that cool breeze on your skin after a long hot day. -- Still Corners

[all photos by Greg Hughes]