We found ourselves instantly captivated by the curiously haunting "dark twee" of LA-via-Ohio artist Ashley Rhodus -- aka Wished Bone -- upon hearing her wonderful 2018 LP for Gold Flake Paint's Human Noise Records, Cellar Belly, a collection of charmingly eccentric and inviting gems that each felt a bit like its own little miniature self-contained world. So it goes without saying that we're very psyched to premiere her latest, the lovely lead single and opening track from her forthcoming new self-released record Sap Season, coming this fall. The swaying "Hold Me" once again displays what makes Rhodus such an intriguing and unique songwriter; she has a gift for making the ordinary feel poignant and profound, through her sort of effortlessly wry turns of phrase and low-key poetic non sequiturs, delivered warmly but matter-of-factly over a verdant bed of lilting folk-pop. Listen below, and look for Sap Season to drop on November 1st.