Courtesy of Glasgow's Human Noise Records, the new label from our friends at Gold Flake Paint, comes this curious and utterly enchanting "dark twee" (the artist's words) wonder from Los Angeles-via-Athens, Ohio group Wished Bone. The sort of intentionally ambiguous term "haunting" gets thrown around a lot here on this site to describe the lingering, not unpleasant melancholy and vague sense of daydream-like longing that radiates from a lot of the music for which we tend to have the deepest affinity. You could say we actively seek out this music and the feeling it elicits, and still, rarely does a track get under our skin like "Reasons", the scene-setting opener from Wished Bone's wonderful debut LP cellar belly. It's a perfect intro to Wished Bone's peculiar, happy-sad outsider bedroom pop, at once casually poignant and bright, spectral and earthly, warm and sometimes softly devastating. The more time spent with this one, the more "dark twee" starts to make sense. cellar belly is out tomorrow.

Wished Bone goes on tour with TV Girl starting tonight in San Diego. Find those dates below: