Psyched to premiere another ethereal stunner from Riches, the multidisciplinary collaborative project of Catherine McCandless of Young Galaxy + choreographer Wynn Holmes. The glimmering "Lily" is the third haunting transmission thus far from the group's forthcoming debut concept record -- and the first in which Wynn takes the lead on vocals -- and the hypnotically swaying and dreamlike track finds the duo once again exploring their love of horror film themes, as well as the necessary symbiotic balance between light and darkness, love and violence, renewal and destruction. Riches explain the new single:

"Lily is a love song for a primordial creative power, the mother/monster - the central figure of both worship and terror in many horror narratives - with the power of creation and destruction. The lyrics imagine this figure’s ability to disrupt order, to drown out and destroy hegemony and patriarchy. The song belongs to those who are willing to question things and take them apart, and to sacrifice themselves to creating out of love. This is a worship song for transformation and the gentle violence of total deconstruction before the bloom of new forms."

"Lily" is out today, purchase the song on Riches' bandcamp.

cover photo by cameron mitchell