Riches is the new "multidisciplinary collaboration of music, dance and performance" from the great Catherine McCandless of Young Galaxy and choreographer Wynn Holmes. The duo has already shared one darkly stirring and ominous track, and today we're premiering their ethereal new single, taken from Riches' forthcoming concept album, which they call “the soundtrack to an imaginary horror film." The softly twinkling "Thief in Your Eye" feels more luminous and tender than the group's brooding first transmission, but no less eerie or spellbinding, which makes sense given that it was inspired by McCandless' and Holmes' love of folk horror films. The duo explains:

"We gave "Thief in Your Eye" a narrative form as we’ve been fascinated with folk horror films. They have been the perfect site for examining the creative process and its inherent powers of transfiguration, love, and destruction. We produced it ourselves, in our own studio and then it was finished with Jace Lasek of The Besnard Lakes at Breakglass Studio."