Berlin's Laura Clock, who previously collaborated with oOoOO + released an excellent EP of her own a couple years ago as Butterclock, returns next month with a stellar new EP of self-described "sad love, melancholia and dance beats" called Baby - Part One. The record's lush, billowing closing-track "Fantasy" was produced by one of our favorite producers at the moment, London's Ana Caprix (2014's brilliant For Seven Nights This Island is Ours EP + this year's absurd and beautiful Metallica-appropriating, Nikyee Heaton-sampling jam "Perthro" are particularly essential), and it's a shimmering, dreamily swaying expression of longing and unrequited love. The perfect soundtrack for, as Clock puts it, "Dancing and crying at the same time, forever.” Baby - Part One is out June 15 via Rinse; listen to "Fantasy" and the EP's opening track "Fade" below: