"Cool 2 was one of the first songs we wrote for the EP. We like it because it is short, but it also represents what we want to do as a band. We tried to create an atmosphere around a short chord progression."

We're stoked to premiere the short but sweet opening track from Hoops' forthcoming self-titled EP for Fat Possum, out later this summer. The new record is easily their best work yet (I say this as a huge fan of their first three tapes), and opener "Cool 2" is the perfect intro to the Bloomington group's woozy and effortlessly melodic lo-fi guitar-pop: tailor-made for summer road trips and night swims, recalling the fleeting, hazy nostalgia of early Real Estate, TOPS' dreamy soft-focus funk, and Ariel Pink at his most wistful and sincere. One of our favorite new bands of 2016. The Hoops EP drops August 26th.