We still have the first two tapes from Drew Auscherman's lo-fi guitar pop project Hoops on heavy rotation, and the Bloomington group (now a 4-piece) is back with their third warm and fuzzy collection of endlessly replayable, sun-warped jams, in the form of the 5-song Tape #3. You can grab a limited physical copy of the cassette, which also includes tapes #1 and #2, by hitting up hoopsband69@gmail.com. Unlimited wistful summer vibes, limited to 150 copies. The band will also go out on tour this spring, including a couple of dates in Brooklyn this week; check all of their dates here.

HOOPS - Tape #3

1. 4U PT. 2
2. All My Life
3. Underwater Theme
4. I'm Hurting
5. Feelin' Fine