We've been fans of Sasha Spielberg's music since the moment we heard that stunning Leonard Cohen cover by Just Friends, Spielberg's collaborative project with her longtime bff Nico Jaar. So we're extremely psyched to premiere the emotional second single from Facepaint, the stellar Jaar-produced debut EP from Spielberg's new project, Buzzy Lee. Getting a little deeper and more vulnerable than the wonderfully slinky, Feist-esque pop jam/lead single "Coolhand", "No Her" is a dreamy, heartfelt ballad, with Jaar's dramatic, subtly sweeping production acting as a haunting backdrop for Spielberg's soul-baring expression of self-doubt. She tells us about the song:

"'No Her' is about that piece of myself that I'm worried my partner will discover isn’t really there. That there is an ideal 'her'; someone's idea of me is different from who I am, and yet, I'm worried the other 'her' is the one who has drawn them in... But to be fully honest it’s about not believing someone loved me."

Facepaint is out April 27th. Pre-order on vinyl/cassette here, and catch Buzzy Lee live in LA at Zebulon on April 9th.