Feels a little ridiculous calling Nicolas Jaar's The Prism one of our favorite releases of 2012 so far, as the tracks come housed in a tiny, fragile (ours already broke), very cool looking $40 aluminum cube that most people won't be able to hear until Jaar decides to release all of these tracks digitally. A few Prism tracks surfaced over the weekend though -- buried deep inside Jaar's perfect Essential Mix for BBC Radio 1 -- so I guess it's cool now. Included was this stunning cover of Leonard Cohen's "Avalanche" by Just Friends, a "collaborative covers project" that Jaar started with Steven Spielberg + Kate Capshaw's daughter Sasha (not the first time Jaar has collabed with Hollywood progeny to create something amazing). Here's the audio of the song from the mix, but you'll have to pick up a Prism to hear the pristine version: