As longtime fans of Montreal-based artist Patrick Holland, we were well aware of his prowess as a world class producer + DJ. But who knew the man could sing, or that he would be such a natural at creating plush, seemingly timeless, sophisticated pop music? Well, today he shares the stellar opening track from his forthcoming new LP You're the Boss -- the bio calls the record "his first foray into guitar-driven indie pop" -- and it's a low-key adult contemporary banger, graced with Pat's tender vocals, an infectiously svelte groove, and members of one of the world's best bands (TOPS, obvs) on backing vocals. Pat says of "Sinister Bell": "The song is about coming to terms with being haunted by a ghost. Whether it comes in the form of subconscious anxiety or physical paranormal activity, it’s all the same to me." You're the Boss is out July 29th on limited "blue jay" vinyl via Sinderlyn. Pre-order here, and check the Erin O’Connor-directed video below.