Some days twitter can be more than just an absolute cesspool of a website: shout out to writer Laura Snapes for this tweet earlier today that introduced us to the sickest video we've seen this year, from South London poet + producer James Massiah. Directed by Ian Pons Jewell, it's a mesmerizing apocalyptic love story soundtracked by Massiah's intoxicating, dancehall-inspired house track "Natural Born Killers (Ride for Me)", with Buenos Aires starring as the sweltering dystopian backdrop (psyched to see such brilliant artists addressing climate change in creative and affecting ways these days). James Massiah's Natural Born Killers EP is out this week on London label LEVELS.

(possibly NSFW, i suppose):

(p.s. the killer beat during the end credits is Massiah's "144,000", also found on the EP)

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