We leave you for the weekend with our favorite music videos of 2011: you'll notice that the majority of these videos are of the low-budget, DIY variety, as most of the expensive / cinematic joints that dropped this year felt a little overwrought and, with a couple of notable exceptions, mostly fell flat for us. There are even a few found footage clips mixed in there, and (spoiler) our top two vids are both self-directed. Check the full list after the jump...

gorilla vs. bear's videos of 2011

20 Tribute to Drive (music by Glass Candy) [Tom & Bruno]

19 REAL ESTATE | It's Real [Weird Days]

18 GRIMES | Vanessa [Grimes]

17 BATTLES | Ice Cream [Canada]

16 FRIENDS | I'm His Girl [Samantha Urbani / Aurora Halal]

15 PEAKING LIGHTS :: Hey Sparrow [Cam Archer]

14 DEATH GRIPS | Guillotine (It Goes Yah) [Flatlander]


12 PANDA BEAR :: Atiba Song [Atiba Jefferson / Ty Evans]

11 PURITY RING :: Lofticries [David Dean Burkhart]

10 GLASS CANDY :: Halloween [Alberto Rossini]

09 BEYONCE :: Countdown [Adria Petty / Beyonce]

08 WHITE DENIM :: Street Joy [Carlos LaRotta]

07 MAJOR LAZER :: Original Don [Kyle Frere / Major Lazer]

06 M83 :: Midnight City [Fleur & Manu]

05 FORD & LOPATIN :: I Surrender [Danny Perez]

04 A$AP ROCKY :: Purple Swag [Jason Ano / A$AP Rocky]

03 SHABAZZ PALACES :: Black Up [Khalil Joseph]

02 LANA DEL REY :: Video Games [Lana Del Rey]

01 TYLER, THE CREATOR :: Yonkers [Wolf Haley]


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