Earlier I briefly mentioned my collaborative project “With”. This project was founded by me and my friend Joe when we both started DJing. We both had the mutual interest of synesthesia/sensory experiences and found the subject of intimacy and solitude very intriguing. We created With as an art duo to explore different types of performances and exhibitions that challenged the norm. One of our shows was hosted at an art gallery where we painted everything black and placed black tarps with objects inside. Each object was to stimulate a specific sense, and the one I remember to this day was for smell. Joe collected some dirt and wet grass and put them in a glass cup sealed with a dryer sheet. This scent to me well represents Joe’s music he makes under the name To Sleep At Night. "Bloodshed" is my favorite track from his forthcoming EP, Abyss. It’ll be released as cassettes on MISC RECORDS on 4/7/2017. -- Yaeji