Our friends at self-titled magazine have hooked us up with a copy of Liz Harris of Grouper's beautiful, extremely limited (100 prints), signed Repeating Patterns 2 print -- pictured above -- to give away to one of you. The print was produced for self-titled's new Heavy Issue, as Liz's "visual interpretation of heaviness."

"Each 17″ x 22″ print is sealed with a custom-patterned sticker and a “mini-painting” tag (roughly 2.5″ x 2.5″) on paper featuring a second custom pattern that was also handmade by Liz."

We are also told that Liz "individually folded, wrapped, sealed, signed, and handpainted the tags of each print." To enter, just leave your name + tell us your favorite Grouper release (musical or visual) in the comments or on Facebook, and I'll pick the winner next week. More info + photos here.

If you'd rather not take your chances, you can now pre-order Repeating Patterns 2 here while it lasts, and receive $10 off the print and a free subscription to Self-Titled's digital magazine by using promo code "GVB".