white denim :: exposion

Austin's White Denim is set to digitally release their debut US LP, Exposion, tomorrow via Topspin, the same method chosen by David Byrne/Brian Eno for their latest record. This is essentially a brand new platform, so I'm not entirely familiar with all that it entails, but some of the key features include:

  • Directly from band to fan
  • Ability to listen to tracks, buy individual songs, bundle the whole record, download artwork and lyrics, etc.
  • optional subscription service (limited 7", limited live tracks, vids, artwork by steve, etc)
  • Ability to get songs in FLAC format with album art

I guess you go here to sign up, and they'll let you know when it's available to purchase (in advance of the November 3 physical release date). WD also promises to "inundate you with music, video, drawrings, and more." The band headlines a sold-out show tonight at NYC's Mercury Lounge, and will play again tomorrow night at Union Hall.

white denim :: sitting