QUALIATIK's vision comes to life in the self-directed and animated video for "Physicality". Completely "conceptualized, created, and executed" by QUALIATIK, and shot in 106° Texas heat. QUALIATIK says of the intense, purple-hued video:

“The character singing into the camera is an embodiment of some of my worst qualities— she’s the twisted one who’s doing the self-sabotaging; she is full of fear and emotionally spastic. The cyborg CGI character represents the ideal future self you are striving toward, but compounded with the fear that it's contrived— something you have invented, a lie you are telling yourself, rather than who you actually are—whereas the character in the white dress represents an honest, pure future self, and you are trying to bridge the gap between the two. Releasing the video is a bit difficult because the main character is not me, but a caricature of my flaws. Through exploring this character, though, I was able to come to terms with some of those flaws, and that side of myself, and work through them in the complicated pursuit of self-discovery." -- QUALIATIK