HAERTS return with the beautiful and moving new short film POWER/LAND, created in collaboration with Julian Klincewicz, and featuring 3 new songs, including the film's sweeping, poignant heart/centerpiece, "Eva" (starting just before the 5:30 mark). Watch below + get the Power/Land single here:

HAERTS' frontwoman Nini Fabi tells us about the film:

"Ben (the other half of HAERTS) and I had the idea about collaborating with a visual artist to create a film based on these three unreleased songs we had and that we felt lent themselves for something more cinematic.

Thematically the film looks at a very american space, and at what it feels to be free within that space. Almost like the freedom you feel as a child when you forget time and just do things for the sake of doing them. It’s about questions like 'How does the wind touch your face? How does dizziness feel if you turn just for turning sake? And what makes you feel alive'

It feels powerful to me to look at these questions and these seemingly unimportant things and moments. It makes you remember them and fall in love with them again.

I found Julian Klincewicz, who created the video for POWER/LAND, online through his previous work with Gosha Rubchinskiy and I fell in love with the rhythm of his style. There is an immersive / almost voyeuristic sensibility in what he does or maybe it’s better described as a sense of excitement and fascination with the things and people he films. Almost as if he was in love with them.

When we approached him, he felt a similar mood for the songs and we wanted him to be completely free in creating the visual he imagined. The process was very fluid and collaborative, and focused on making something that transported the songs, was relevant to us and created its own world that people could experience the music and visuals through."