Psyched to debut this beautiful new track from Russia's Galya Chikiss + Arcata, California's Brian Pyle, aka Video Salon, taken from their new self-titled EP, out soon on Not Not Fun. NNF's Britt Brown, who we should really try to hire as a ghostwriter, lovingly and accurately describes the duo's otherworldly sound: "seductive, shimmering nocturnal mirages of devotional drone and processional dub...Video Salon conjure a ghostly, glassy-eyed mood, low-lidded metronomes layered in haze, whispers, and dazed fluorescent static." The group's spectral magic is in full effect on the sublime EP-closing track "Stars Reflecting", with its eerily familiar and nostalgic vibe emanating like a decaying, distant transmission of a Cocteau Twins or Beach House classic, warped and looped into a dreamy, romantic oblivion. The Video Salon tape is out May 5th on limited dark blue cassette w/ metallic silver imprinting.