London artist Zoee unveils the video for the darkly beautiful and visceral opening track from her new 5-song EP My Body Knows You, out next month via her own label, Insecure. "Curse" has a vaguely foreboding, on-edge vibe -- thanks to an anxiety-inducing washing machine sample and some haunting manipulated vocals -- that springs to life via director and photographer Alyssa Boni's stunning visuals, starring Zoee and featuring outfits from London fashion designers Supriya Lele, Marta Jakubowkski, Kira Goodey, Sophie Cull-Candy and Neoss London. Zoee tells us about "Curse", which she calls "a sonic ode to a challenging year":

"I spent a lot of 2017 getting my head around a chronic health condition and trying to cope with the breakdown of my relationship. The song explores the sensation of going round and round in endless circles. I worked with my longterm friend and co-producer Tom Fox to create a soundscape full of textures that evoke a feeling of being engulfed. I sampled the domestic, cyclical sound of my washing machine and manipulated my voice into samples in order to express feelings that words aren’t really able to communicate...I guess it’s a dark song, but sometimes you need to write those songs in order to find your way back into the light!"

Watch below. My Body Knows You is out November 27th on Insecure.