Liverpool electro-pop luminaries Stealing Sheep share the Gyuri Chloe Lee-directed video for their dazzling Big Wows album opener "Show Love". The vibrant visuals are a perfect complement to Stealing Sheep's glittery, neon-twinkling pop anthem, as Gyuri's animation teems with fanciful imagery (immersive soda ads, psychedelic amusement parks, and Rebecca, Emily, and Lucy as aliens escaping on a flying pink space sheep) that feels like a dizzying and particularly vivid waking dream, culminating in what the group calls "a kind of sugar coated apocalypse" explosion. Stealing Sheep tell us about the importance of working with a woman director on this one:

"Gyuri Chloe Lee is an independent animator based in Korea. We heard about her via our friend Ewan Morris (a video director we worked with on our track ‘Deadlock’ for our NOT REAL album art in 2015), he recently worked with Gyuri on a video for John Grant and we loved her acid colour schemes and her surreal stream of consciousness style. We’ve been collaborating with lots of women on this new album 'BIG WOW'S' and we want a strong female energy in the music and visuals- so finding a female director for this was really important- we also wanted someone who worked with this celluloid hand drawn style that combined with more digital aesthetics - colour gradients and stop motion - it’s a perfect match for the song ‘Show Love’ - a kind of sugar coated apocalypse matches our zingy steel pans and crazy arpeggios - the video features dopamine driven speedy cuts, feedback loops, overly saturated colour schemes and depicts modern life chaos with the bombardment of self improvement ads, the excitement of cheap thrills and instant gratification - check us out riding a pink fluffy sheep into space - Kawaii!"

Big Wows is out April 19th on Heavenly.

Big Wows album art