UK duo Susie Green + Simon Bayliss aka Splash Addict share the self-directed video for their new single, out today on Zoee's label/"empowered pop platform" Insecure. The duo makes dreamy, romantic club music that they aptly describe as "SENSUAL VOCAL BANGERS", and the new track features Green's deadpan, oddly moving spoken word about the dreaded "Big Talk", her calmly urgent pleas becoming hypnotic and almost mantra-like when paired with the track's alternately twinkling and aqueous production, resulting in a highly emotional dance anthem that will appeal to fans of peak PC Music and '90s rave culture. The video was created by Susie + Simon, and commissioned by the Projections artist moving image programme at Tyneside Cinema in Newcastle, UK. Splash Addict says of the song's relatable theme:

"'Big Talk' sprung from a chat with a friend about a relationship which was not unpleasant but also not progressing. The friend said you need a big talk, to clear the air, and make things understood on both sides. But a big talk can be hard. Scary even. Is there a way to have one that works for both involved? Has it even happened yet? Do you mind if we have a big talk?"