We discovered Norway's Shikoswe earlier this year thanks to her beautiful indie-pop jam "Two Heads in a Room", a defiant but heartbreaking song about an uncertain, possibly crumbling romantic relationship. We've fallen deeper under the spell of that one with each listen over the last couple of months, and today, Shikoswe debuts another smoldering gem from her album Back in the Tall Grass, coming sometime later this year. "It's sort of hard to put into words what this song is to me," Shikoswe (aka Nora Shikoswe Hougsnæs) tells us about dreamy new track "Tiger Eyes", adding, "It definitely touches on some feelings of ambivalence." Shikoswe conveys that vague but ultimately relatable sentiment with an elegant and comforting touch, her gorgeous, shimmery guitar atmospherics and heartfelt voice softening those sneaking feelings of melancholy and doubt with a warm, romantic glow. Check the video, created by Shikoswe + Daniel Torkelson, below: