Toronto's Rosemary Fairweather shares the gauzy visuals for her shimmery disco-pop anthem "MTV", taken from her new album Heavenly: A Second Collection of Songs, coming in 2019. The video, directed by the great Talvi Faustmann of Prince Innocence, feels like Rosemary's daydream come to life, the song's wispy expression of longing and infatuation perfectly embodied by some glittery pink heart bubbles and a heavy dose of nostalgic '90s vibes.

"I’ve been an admirer of Talvi’s work for years, and was so excited when she agreed to take on this project," Rosemary tells us. "The way she captures the act of daydreaming reminds me a little of my favourite Björk video ‘Venus As A Boy’ from the 90s. It’s such an honour to have Talvi’s fairy dust on my song." Watch + read about Talvi's inspirations for the video, which included Mazzy Star and Spike Jonze, below:

"The intention with the ‘MTV’ video was to do something stylistically that was almost like half perfume commercial half Mazzy Star performance - because Rose has a Hope Sandoval vibe to me - kind of sultry and demure at the same time. I wanted to do something that really honoured her aesthetic but still had a slight grungy 90s quality. I also wanted the opening shots to resemble the ‘Sweater Song’ video Spike Jonze made for Weezer as it’s a favourite of mine. Thank you so much to everyone on the team!"