It's been a full year since Portland's Pure Bathing Culture released their beautiful 2019 LP Night Pass, and today the group commemorates the occasion with some dreamy, Abby Portner-created visuals for the album's opening track and inspiring emotional highlight, "Thin Growing Thing". The song's tender, suddenly very profound and relevant message -- "lift for love and live for something / lift for love and live through something" -- now feels elevated by an even heavier sense of urgency and hope these days, and the group felt like it was a good time to collab with Abby on a video. Sarah and Daniel tell us:

"...we wanted to do something to honor the one year anniversary of our record Night Pass and we thought a great way to cap it all off would be to create a visual for the song 'Thin Growing Thing'. When we were writing that record we were dealing with a lot of dark things personally and it ended up being all about perseverance. We feel like the song 'Thin Growing Thing' really relates to what everyone is going through right now so we were inspired to make something with Abby for it."