Toronto duo Prince Innocence share the final video from their stellar Blue Star EP, for the timeless, starry-eyed EP highlight "Sharon Stone". Inspired in part by the film that made the song's namesake a star, and by vintage Disney sing-along VHS tapes, the elegantly dream-like video was shot in Toronto and just out outside of Oaxaca City, Mexico, and directed by the group's own Talvi Faustmann. The group tells us about the video:

This video draws inspiration from cheesy 80s film lighting - more specifically the rainy car scene in 'Basic Instinct' - which I thought was fitting as the song is called 'Sharon Stone'. Also from the Disney 'Sing Along' tapes that everyone in North America got in the mail as kids in the 90s that were basically just extended ads for Disney world. It's another ode to dreamy liminal spaces -- old dusty roads and rainy car interiors -- places I often find myself in dreams.

In other exciting Prince Innocence news, the duo tells us that their long-awaited full length album is coming in Spring 2020, and is co-produced by Joel Ford.

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