Here's a dreamy, sensuous Valentine's day gift from Pecas, aka Brooklyn-via-Madrid artist Sandy Davis. Pecas' twitter bio describes her sound as "gotha nova" (which we are proclaiming best new genre name), and misty new dream-pop slow jam "T-Shirt" has an ethereal but just vaguely creepy vibe that walks a fine line between seductive and playfully sinister: "I'll wear your t-shirt at night / 'Til the day that I die / I'll never wash it once / Fuck it if I'm crazy / Nobody knows it but me". Highly recommended for fans of TOPS, Mr Twin Sister, and the sumptuous, silky-smooth sounds of classic '80s r&b. Davis tells us about her obsession with the song's eponymous t-shirt, and the surreal Joshua Thomas-directed video:

I stole my ex’s t-shirt after we broke up and slept in it for really long time. At a certain point I realized that it was slightly creepy and also comical. The song was an admission to myself of just that. The video didn’t come to fruition until a year or so after I had written the song, at that point I was far enough removed from any sentimental attachments to it and was able to explore more of the comedic aspects. I drew a lot of inspiration from Connan Mockasin’s “I’m the Man That Will Find You” and started to play around with the idea of being the female counterpart to that. I wanted to own being a creepy/sensual R&B crooner and hoped with the video to blur the lines of gender, identity, and sensuality. The song was later revised to include low pitch-shifted vocals to reinforce this idea in the video. And in the very end of the editing process we added a warp on my face for a few shots, primarily because I really got a kick out of it - the idea of breaking and recreating my perception of myself and how others perceive me.


"T-Shirt" is out today via Broken Circles. Catch Pecas on tour starting next month.

3/2 Los Angeles, CA - The Factory
3/3 Phoenix, AZ - The Lunchbox
3/4 Tuscon, AZ - Hotel Congress
3/5 El Paso, TX - The Love Buzz
3/7 Marfa, TX - Lost Horse Saloon
3/9 San Juan, TX - Cryptohaus
3/10 San Antonio, TX - Low Country
3/11-3/17 Austin, TX - SXSW
3/18 New Orleans - House Widdershins
3/19 Mobile, AL - Blind Mule
3/20 Savannah, GA - El Rock Lounge
3/21 Atlanta, GA - 529
3/22 Athens, GA - Georgia Theater
3/23 Charlotte, NC - Snugs Harbor
3/24 Baltimore, MD - The Aquarium
3/25 Asbury Park, NJ - The Saint
3/26 Jersey City, NY - FM