Brooklyn-via-Barcelona pop artist Gisela Fullà-Silvestre aka NOIA debuts the surreal visuals for one of the highlights from her new CRISÀLIDA EP, coming this Friday on Cascine. "Ciudad del Humo" is a glimmering electronic pop odyssey that finds NOIA honing the balmy and hypnotic sound that first enchanted us a few years back, her alluringly exquisite vocals tinged with a palpable sense of longing as they float above her swirling future-tropical production. NOIA has said that the new EP is about "waiting on someone to fill my own absences, heartbreak somehow for what didn’t happen but could have happened, feeling trapped in the city of New York," and that yearning, nocturnal vibe is brought to life in her GALO-directed video, starring NOIA as a host of mysterious, seemingly unconnected characters (and herself) as they traverse the city. Check it below. NOIA's CRISÀLIDA EP is out May 17th: