We're psyched to premiere the gorgeous new video from Mindy Meng Wang 王萌 + Tim Shiel, for the duo's incredibly hypnotic and cinematic new single Hidden Qi 隐.气, taken from their forthcoming debut EP Nervous Energy一触即发. The production team of director Athina Wilson + producer Yang Chen manage to beautifully realize their lofty vision for the video -- "to focus on the intersections and contrasts between the contemporary and traditional, as well as Western and Eastern philosophy", and to capture the Chinese concept of "Qi" -- by showcasing Mindy's mesmerizing traditional guzheng playing alongside affecting images of "little Mindy", ultimately creating a visual journey befitting the song's transportive, dreamlike quality. Watch the video + check Mindy Meng Wang 王萌's thoughts about the song below. Nervous Energy一触即发 is out March 12th via Music in Exile

"‘Hidden Qi 隐.气’ is filled with powerful, firm but flexible energy. Like the inner strength - Qi of a Kung Fu master in the legend, the Qi hidden flows in his body is free but controlled, like the qualities of mountains, rocks, stars, and rivers...The whole song takes people to a dreamland surrounded by clouds and mist, as if you are floating in the clouds and you saw a martial arts master practising from afar. He jumps so light and moves so fast and sometimes disappears in the trees, the energy wave of his Qi shocked petals off the flower...flying in the sky..."

Mindy x Tim DIgital Release Cover