Erin Elizabeth Birgy's wonderful avant-pop group Mega Bog share the Vanessa Haddad-directed video for "Truth in the Wild", one of the highlights from their new record Dolphine, coming later this month on Paradise of Bachelors. Haddad says that the video "melds inspiration from early Top of the Pops-style live-music performances and the science-fiction worlds of Ursula K. Leguin, especially her story Diary of a Rose", adding, "In the story, a 'psychoscopist' uses new technology to view the projected subconscious imagery of her patient." That concept springs to life in the dream-like video, which acts as the perfect visual complement to the song's breezily mystical vibe, offering a misty window into Birgy's mind. Birgy tells us that she values the low-key force of nature that is "Truth in the Wild", "more than maybe any other piece of music I’ve completed," her vivid, almost mantra-like free association lyrics elegantly flowing over the measured, jazzy instrumentation, as she blurs the lines between the surreal and the profound in a way that she seems able to do like none other. Birgy explains the song's genesis:

'Truth In the Wild' came together scrapbooking through the multiple realities simultaneously experienced in a summer driving endlessly around the eastern coast, living in my partner’s van, having the first moments of solitude in my adult life that I embraced. The title is a quote from an Ian Cheng interview I was read aloud and very moved by. The scenes in the song are quotes, ideas, and observations from Assateague Island, The Met, the window of my cabin at The Outlier Inn, a childhood dream that Zach and I both had where we first met, David Bowie, and the milk of my own perspective on these things."

Dolphine is out June 28th. Catch Mega Bog's record release show on July 10th at Zebulon in Los Angeles.