Matt Kivel shares the video for one of the standout tracks from his forthcoming 5th LP last night in america, a record inspired in part by what Kivel describes as that uniquely American ability to "to shrug and submerge terrible feelings...To live your own quiet life, regardless of what's happening to other people in your community." Lead single "l.a. coliseum" is a sprawling, pensive lament that feels intimate and widescreen at once, and it's a shining example of Kivel's understated ability to elegantly juxtapose his flair for classic pop songwriting, compelling storytelling, and exquisite instrumentation among the album's gorgeous, more ambient explorations. The song's beautiful video was created by Nekaa Lab founder Sachiyo Takahashi, who used backlit paper cutouts to create a dreamlike visual backdrop. She says that the vid started "from an image of the Moon above the horizon", and "explores the abstract feeling of love and longing inspired by Matt’s music." last night in america is out May 10th on Cascine / PYL.

Matt Kivel will play some album release shows this spring, check those dates:

April 25 - Gold Diggers - Los Angeles, CA - w/ Sophia Knapp
May 03 - Park Church Co-op - Brooklyn, NY - w/ James Place, Lori Scacco, Daphne Tunes
May 17 - Cactus Café - Austin, TX - w/ Daphne Tunes and Alexalone
May 19 - End of an Ear Record Store - Austin, TX
May 29 - Departamento - Mexico City, Mexico - w/ Joaquin Garcia
June 1 - La Moderna, Xalapa, Mexico - w/ Joaquin Garcia