Luke Reed follows up one of our favorite records of 2017 with the first in a series of singles that he'll be releasing on the Native Sound throughout the year. The dreamy, gently warped "I Don't Care About Anything but You" has a bit of a young Mac DeMarco/Makeout Videotape feel to it, and like all of Reed's best jams, it radiates a wistful, yearning vibe that makes it highly relatable and bittersweet. Luke says about the track:

"It's a love song about meeting someone that made me want to be a better person, and not focus on myself or my own insecurities – to devote my time to making someone else happy. I'm lonely, even when I'm around other people. I know that's not a unique feeling, and it's painful, but I hope that people who also feel this way can find a way to be happy too.”

Video by Marc Fulchini. Watch below + download the track here.