We're psyched to premiere the charming lead single and video from the new project of Lauren Spear, aka Le Ren, taken from one of two beautiful new "sister EPs" coming this fall, SONGS I OUGHTA HEAR and SONGS I OUGHTA SING. According to Le Ren, the EPs are "in conversation with one another," with "the former written as a series of imagined apology letters from the boy that smashed my heart, and the latter being my responses." She tells us about the spirited, timeless declaration of (imagined) regret "I DID U WRONG", which sounds like a well-worn, lost country heartbreak anthem:

I DID U WRONG...is basically me hopping and bopping to the words I would have liked to receive, but never did. As today is the anniversary of my broken heart, this is my anniversary gift I'm giving to myself. In classic country fashion, "I DID U WRONG" presents a tale of hardship shrouded by an upbeat twang. The song aims to bedazzle heartache by dressing it up in a cowboy hat and sends it off into the sunset."

SONGS I OUGHTA SING + SONGS I OUGHTA HEAR will be released at the end of November, complete with lyrics booklet/zine with the accompanying digital music. Watch the Ali Vanderkruyk-directed video for "I DID U WRONG" below: