“I told her one day we’d be beautiful / and maybe we could start a band / ‘cause i was born to sing / and she was born to dance...”

Melbourne's Laura Jean graces us with the dreamlike visuals for the second song to be unveiled from her incredible new album Devotion, a dazzling, immersive synth-pop odyssey about her "eccentric, romantically-unfulfilled" teenage years. While the record's vast, shimmering lead single "Touchstone" fondly recalled a particularly intense teenage yearning -- Lorde called it "maybe the sharpest communication of the spooky, all-consuming nature of feminine love i’ve ever seen" -- softly billowing new track "Girls on the TV" is a beautiful and casually profound expression of Laura Jean's tender, heartwarming capacity for empathy and compassion as it relates to the "everyday story" of a teenage girl. She tells us about the magically ethereal and inspiring Warwick Baker-directed video, which might elicit a little tinge of wistful nostalgia for anyone whose childhood was spent watching videos in their bedroom during MTV's '80s heyday:

"I see myself as the narrator, an ordinary woman wearing a shiny pink dreamcoat that signifies it’s my turn to tell a story. It doesn’t matter that my story is ordinary, what matters is that I tell my story with hard earned skill and loving sincerity. I want to show that the everyday story of a girl is important, and that seemingly inconsequential events in a girl’s life can have a huge effect on her."

Devotion is out June 8th on esteemed Australian label Chapter Music.