Chicago's Jessica Risker shares the gorgeous title track and tone-setting opener from her new album, out this spring on Austin label Western Vinyl. "I See You Among the Stars" is a drifting psych-folk lullaby that feels like a comforting, faintly twinkling beacon and guiding light for a love that has veered off course, ultimately meeting a more ominous and melancholy fate. The song gets the immersive and heartbreaking mini-space-odyssey it deserves in the Jenna Caravello-directed visuals, which we're premiering here today. Jessica says of the song:

"I See You Among The Stars" is one of those songs that 'occurred' to me, rather than me thinking it up - the music, the lyrics - and as such it wasn't something I intentionally set out to write. I do like to think about what it could mean - seeing someone as they are, without mental noise or judgements, existing in their own perfect place in the universe, and trying to center yourself in that place. It's also a bit of a love song, and sets the tone for the rest of the album, both musically and thematically, about the broader space we all exist in.

I See You Among the Stars is out May 4th on Western Vinyl. Jessica will play a record release show in her hometown on May 8th at the Empty Bottle.