Oakland-based Australian Hazel English shares the dreamily transportive, Sam Hayes-directed new video for the timeless title track from her forthcoming debut 12" EP Never Going Home, out this fall on House Anxiety/Marathon Artists. Hazel told us via email about the video's perfectly wistful VHS vibe, and that serendipitous guest appearance by the Bay Area fog:

Since "Never Going Home" was written about my move to San Francisco, we filmed it in some of my favourite spots in the Bay Area. It was filmed by Monty Thomas and directed by Sam Hayes who are both extremely talented and just genuinely great guys, we had a lot of fun with it.

Some of my favourite shots on the beach actually came about almost by accident; the sun was setting and we were losing light fast, the fog rolled in and we thought the footage would be terrible but we just went with it anyway.

This video is very personal to me because it captures a very momentous time, a turning point in my life. I wanted to make it feel intimate, almost like a home video at times, that’s why we spliced VHS shots in there.

Hazel English's Never Going Home 12" EP is out October 7th.