Here's a welcome, soothing change of pace from our friends at Driftless, a label that has blessed us with releases from the likes of CFCF, Young Ejecta, Ellie Herring, Airbird, and others since their inception in 2013. "Good Night" is a beautifully languid ambient lullaby from young Amarillo guitarist Hayden Pedigo, taken from his gorgeous new record Greetings From Amarillo, which he calls "a tribute to the landscape" of his sprawling, windswept hometown, and an "audio rendering of the Texas Panhandle". Be transported to wide-open spaces and twilit Route 66 landmarks via the song's dreamily evocative video postcard by director Chip Lord, which you can check below. Greetings from Amarillo is out June 9 on limited (200 copies) vinyl.