As the self-proclaimed biggest fans in the world of dearly departed San Francisco band The Sandwitches, it makes our hearts swell with joy to learn that both of the group's primary songwriters, Heidi Alexander and Grace Cooper, are currently working (separately) on their own respective projects, each with releases due in the coming months. Today, we're psyched to debut a gorgeous new song from Grace's stellar forthcoming album Life With Dick, out May 26th via Empty Cellar. Like her most affecting Sandwitches jams and her earlier Grace Sings Sludge material, the hazy "A Man Doesn't Want" is a deeply haunted, yearning lament, Grace's eerie, pained vocals wafting like a heartbroken ghost's moan through rundown motel walls. Partially NSFW and fittingly creepy video featuring some disturbing writhing mermaids and other shadowy figures, directed, shot, and edited by Grace Cooper. Pre-order Life with Dick on limited vinyl (edition of 300) here.