Copenhagen's Erika de Casier shares the dreamy video for her intoxicating new single "Good Time", taken from her forthcoming debut LP Essentials, coming May 16th on Erika's own label Independent Jeep Music. The smoldering, Bossa Nova-inspired, El Trick-produced track sounds a bit like a modern update of "Ordinary Love", if Sade became a member of Smerz -- who Erika is tight with, coincidentally, collaborating with the group's Catharina Stoltenberg on her last vid -- and explored the very real current problem of how our phone addictions are fucking up our romantic relationships. de Casier's not judging though, and her seductively smoky vocals and Trick's twinkling nocturnal production make trying to fix this modern dilemma sound alluringly sweet and romantic. She tells us about the track:

“I was listening to some old Brazilian Bossa Nova tracks where the themes are often about love, about the moonlight, and how everything is in its right place at this exact moment, so I wondered what that scenario would look like in 2019. It’s me trying to say; ‘hey, I’m trying to have a good time with you, but it’s difficult when you’re looking at your phone every two minutes’. It’s not a critique, you know, because I do it too. It’s just interesting how big a part our phones play in all of our social interactions. To me, it’s about trying to let loose, be present with one another and have a good old fashioned good time.”

Check the "Good Time" video (which may or may not have been loosely inspired by the "Wicked Game" vid) starring and edited by Erika de Casier, and shot by Erika with Peter Dupont: