Here's the new video for the title track from Echo Lake's forthcoming Young Silence 12" EP, which drops on Valentine's Day on No Pain In Pop. Sort of like a low-budget -- and cooler looking -- version of Radiohead's "House of Cards" video, but instead of lasers, these ghostly apparitions were rendered with nothing but a Kinect and some custom software by Daniel Nixon of XXJFG fame. Dan says:

"As far as I know (and I'm scared of checking) this is the first music video to be made with the Microsoft Kinect camera. The footage was shot on that piece of £130 equipment and recorded to custom software running on a laptop. The depth data was then manipulated to get the whole band in one 'space' and then the fun started.

Or alternatively: hi-tech D.I.Y."

Echo Lake's Young Silence 12" EP is out February 14 on No Pain In Pop.