Just in time for those life-threatening -50° windchills, Chicago-based group Divino Niño come through with the transportive tropical vibes on their balmy new psych-pop gem "Foam", out today on Winspear. Divino Niño guitarist Camilo Medina, who grew up in the warmer climes of Bogotá and Miami and has probably had about enough of this polar vortex business at this point, tells us about the escapist vibes of the new track and its vibrant Thami Nabil-created animated video:

"Chicago winters are brutal, especially if your body grew up in a tropical climate. With 'Foam,' I'm trying to imagine a warm, cozy environment with sunshine and sea. I wanted whatever I heard back in the song to warm me up. We recorded the entire thing in a small apartment and there's a lot of percussion sounds from things we found laying around. There are knives and forks and bottles and salt shakers all over the track."