Featuring two of the most refreshing jams we've heard all year, the demo recording from Madrid's DEERS captures an uncanny, very natural looseness and chemistry that seems difficult for any band to achieve these days. The video for the group's garage-pop throwback / low-key summer jam "Bamboo", which you should watch immediately, was a ridiculously charming, self-directed one-day jaunt through Madrid and Barcelona. Their new Alex DeLucas + Carleone Films-directed visuals for the abbreviated version of slightly trippier psych-pop gem "Trippy Gum" -- which we are very psyched to premiere today -- is even better, as Ana Garcia Perrote + Carlotta Cosials (now a 4-piece) ramp up the whole effortless charm thing to the next level. DEERS' limited Demo 7" is out now on Mom + Pop / Lucky Number.