Los Angeles-based producer and singer Claire George makes quite the auspicious introduction with the dreamy, softly glowing visuals for "Orbits", the lead single from her debut EP Bodies of Water, out later this month via our friends at Cascine. Claire talks about the meaning of the wistfully bittersweet "Orbits" (which first appeared on the Kitsuné x NBA comp earlier this year), and exploring the idea of an "impossible encounter" in the video, which she directed with Chelsi Johnston:

“‘Orbits’ reflects on a relationship that feels like trying to push together the negative poles of two magnets; it seems as though they’ll never quite meet, and the closer they draw together, the stronger the counterforce becomes. I wanted the video to explore the idea of an impossible encounter. The characters are in different realities: one in which time moves backwards, and one in which time behaves normally. The two people are searching for each other, and in doing so, miss the window in which they could potentially find one another.”

Watch below. Bodies of Water is out November 16th.

Claire George Bodies of Water