LA-based duo Jess Labrador + Shannon Madden aka Chasms share the mesmeric, neon-hued video for their hypnotically pulsing track "Every Heaven in Between", taken from the group's forthcoming new record The Mirage. According to a press release, the album was "conceived following major upheaval in the pair’s lives, including the loss of Madden's brother and a number of the band's friends in Oakland’s Ghost Ship warehouse fire in 2016", and that surreal, almost metaphysical sense of loss and mourning is reflected in director Marisol Baltierra's otherworldly, dreamlike 3D visuals, which she created based on the concept "that we are flying through different heaven worlds traveling through space or what could be memories in someone’s brain that looks like space".

Jess of Chasms tells us about the meaning behind the song:

“The song is about being desperate to reach those who have left this world, wanting so badly to reach them by whatever means necessary, crossing through the realms and heavens that separate us – and yet, of course, being unable to. After someone passes, it can feel as if it were all a dream. If someone is no longer here in this moment, were they ever? We only have memory for reference and that can be unreliable. I was drawn to the unique worlds that I’d seen Mar create in her 3D work and wanted to explore this idea of traveling through different realms.”

The Mirage is out February 22nd on Felte