Spanish producer, singer-songwriter, and video game soundtrack composer Isa Fernández Reviriego aka Aries shares the official video for her swirling, vivid burst of sunshine "Un gran puente", one of the highlights from her new LP Juramento Mantarraya, coming next month on K Records / La Castanya. Aries says the clip is "a video diary recorded with mobile phones and organised by colours", which makes for a fittingly transportive visual representation of Aries' warm and adventurous kaleidoscopic sound. She further explains the significance of using phone-captured images to created the vid, which was directed by Laura Subirats + Arnau Coll:

This music video reflects the present and it’s an ode to all the imperfections of the quotidian life. The song Un Gran Puente was the perfect channel to show everyday videos from different people and emphasize on the things that we are not paying attention to in our daily lives. In the end this process made us realize that if you don’t like what surrounds you it is just because you need to change the way you look at your life in an ordinary but also poetic way. The other vision we had was changing the idyllic idea of music videos and how a camera that is shooting the reality can also be speaking on its own.


Aries will be in Austin next week for SXSW:

March 12 - Riot Act Media Official SXSW Showcase @ Cheer Up Charlie's
March 13 - La Castanya Unofficial SXSW Showcase @ Breakaway Records
March 15 - ADIM Showcase @ Art Works
March 15 - Official SXSW Showcase @ Cu29
March 16 - South by Schmouthby @ The Butterfly Bar
March 16 - EscapeS 2019 @ Willards