We're pleased to debut the beautiful, Amélie Raoul-directed visuals for Anna McClellan's "Nail-biting Song", a poignant mini-epic about the mindless self-defeating behaviors that often go hand-in-hand with anxiety. It's more short film than music video, befitting the song's patiently unfurling pace, the images playing out like a bleary waking dream, as heartbreaking and painfully relatable pangs of palpable tenderness, regret, and doubt betray McClellan's stoic presence. She tells us about the song:

“Onychophagy is the scientific term for nail-biting, a sub group of OCD, and I considered using it as the song title. And then I was like, I’m no scientist, I make songs. Nail-biting Song. It’s just a song about stress, and the internal rabbit hole one goes down, sitting at a table trapped in thought. All the time wasted thinking about what to do.”

Anna McClellan's Yes and No is out February 23rd on Father/Daughter.