Barcelona's NOIA shares the stunning video for her debut single "Nostalgia Del Futuro", taken from her new Habits EP, out now on Cascine. Directed by L​aura ​M​artinova. NOIA says of the vid:

T​he video was a very active collaboration between some really talented women from Barcelona.

The amazing director ​L​aura ​M​artinova ​​and I decided that we really wanted to take advantage of the historical neighbourhoods of ​B​arcelona. ​S​o the idea behind the video was to create weird historical postcards, like really old historical backgrounds and me, in front of them, referencing slightly the past in a kind of absurd/theatrical way.

​With the ​stylist, ​Ana ​S​ting we decided to create characters inspired in bdsm culture, crossdressing, classical and medieval imagery, but keeping everything a bit grotesque or just slightly random. and also keeping the color red as the only constant​ narrative. ​

Working ​with ​Ana ​M​acau, choreographer, we got inspired in small butoh movements, and mostly contemporary hand choreography.

The DP Maite Astiz brought that whole “the great beauty” italian cinema vibe to the piece.

We shot at the J​ardins del ​Teatre ​G​rec of barcelona, which is a ​public garden with a ​beautiful replica of a greek amphitheatre. And we also shot in front of the church of ​Sant Felip Neri, the bullet scarred walls that you see in the video are the result of Franco’s bombardment of the city during the civil war.