Lisel shares the entrancing new video for her Angels on the Slope highlight, "Mirage". The Harrison Atkins-directed visuals were premiered yesterday by the FADER, who called the song "a sweeping, clattering ballad that feels simultaneously unearthly and deeply, wonderfully human". Atkins talks about the concept behind the surreal vid:

"We were interested in making a video that subverts expectations of whose gaze we're experiencing as a viewer. Eliza and I were both inspired by film language that has a sense of conceptual meta-awareness, which is clearly a formal facet of the song, too. For me the video is a game of, 'whose perspective is this?' - and each cut is a reversal, revealing our previous sense of the situation to be a mirage. By the time we're in the last shot, there's this explosive sensation -- Eliza taking her frame, coming into power."

Angels on the Slope is out now on statue marble vinyl via Luminelle.