Psyched to premiere the emotional new single from the solo project of Berlin's Julie Chance (of electronic pop duo Evvol), aka Under Tears. "Good Drying Weather" is a stark, heartbreakingly beautiful and haunting lament that explores the desperation and loss of a devastating breakup, with a vivid and poetic attentiveness to the kind of minutiae that one tends to cling to for dear life during such an intense experience. Julie tells us about the simple but overwhelmingly evocative self-directed video, which features '90s rave footage from Dublin, interspersed with recent DV cam shots: "Nightclubs, since my teen years in the dingy ones of Dublin, have always been a place of escape for me - dancing the pain away or hiding in corners to forget. With this video, I wanted to visit that feeling of unity in loneliness - that we can despair communally, together". Watch + listen below, and download the track now on bandcamp.