Or "what else do the bandmates of Tiny Ruins get up to..."

Carnivorous Plant Society is another project that bass player Cass plays in. Finn Scholes, the band leader, is a multi-instrumentalist who played the vibraphone, piano and organ on Olympic Girls. This song “Car Dance” features Hollie on vocals. Finn, Hollie and I all used to live as flatmates in a beautiful old house together where a lot of music was made.

AC Freazy is the solo project of Tiny Ruins drummer Alex Freer.


Paquin is the solo project of Tiny Ruins electric guitarist & producer Tom Healy. The studio where Olympic Girls was recorded is setup and run by Tom.

It bears the name of his solo project ‘Paquin', the music of which falls between his fascination with dance music and guitar music. Every now and then a Paquin EP sneaks out during studio downtime. Cass has also played and contributed to some music.